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Care360. Efficiency all around.

The electronic network for storing, accessing and sharing patient information.

Almost universally, physician practices rely on paper documentation to store and share patient information. They pay a high price: in wasted time, in inefficiency, in error.

But that era is rapidly drawing to a close. Quest Diagnostics introduces Care360. Developed by MedPlus, the health care technology subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics, Care360 is the premier electronic network for patient information management. With Care360, essential data is there when you need it-easily retrieved from any internet connection, easily utilized and securely shared with colleagues within and beyond your office.

Care360 means faster task completion. Better clinical insight. And greater overall efficiency for your practice. It's also your link to colleagues across the nation-and to the unrivaled connectivity services of Quest Diagnostics.

An extensive clinical repository for data

Through Care360, the view of your patient's medical profile is wide and deep. It's all there-electronically available, logically organized and clearly presented for ready access.

Electronic ordering, simple and accurate

Care360 streamlines the process of ordering lab tests. By customizing how you view the results, you can improve your clinical interpretations and insight.

Prescribing, made simple and virtually error-free

Ordering, refilling and managing patient prescriptions is simple with Care360. It helps eliminate data omissions and errors, so there's less need for follow-up-with patients, pharmacies or providers.

Compliance with clinical requirements

With advanced tracking and reporting tools, Care360 helps you identify patient and practice trends, and report to government and payers.

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